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Mattress textile

Furniture textile

Manufacture facility:

Weaving production workshop

Passemanterie workshop

Knitted threads workshop


Tonzos 95 works within the sphere of textile industry.

The factory develops its production in three sectors of the textile industry and we strive to support mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. Aiming our clients’ needs satisfaction we study their requirements regarding  our products, we aim to understand our clients’ needs and expectations regarding  our products – quality, price, terms of delivery:

» Jacquard furniture textile (upholstery and mattresses);
» Passemanterie for sewing production;
» Polyamide surgical suture „Polycon”.

Within the three of our manufactures we have a wide range of products that we develop, make samples and offer to our customers. At the Weaving production workshop and Passemanterie workshop our specialists - designers develop projects by samples and designs of customers. Our products are used mainly in furniture industry, sewing and footwear workshop. The medical product braided surgical suture Polycon is used in medicine.

All products are made from environmentally friendly and high quality materials manufactured by leading textile companies.
Particular attention and effort is realized in expanding and diversifying the range of jacquard fabrics for mattresses, in developing fabrics with natural materials in rich colors, stabilizing the structure and improving the quality of fabrics.

We have special equipment for preparation and manufacturing of a wide range of jacquard fabrics passemanterie and braided surgical suture.
The Company has its own steam-power station and coloring shop for the performing of the basic and auxiliary procedures, which makes us independent and fast responding .

In the heart of our guiding principles, we put the success of our customers, our employees and through this - of our company.
Qualification, knowledge and awareness, motivation of our employees are main prerequisites for the success of the company.


Administrative office

Manufacture base Yambol

Manufacture base Hlyabovo

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