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Siyana Junior

Our autumn offer is the latest in our series "Siana Junior." Different compositions, different vision [...]


Natural balance - усети природата!
Feel the nature!
Tonzos 95 AD - Yambol develop a line NATURAL BALANCE, as an idea [...]


Tonzos 95 Plc. develops  its working processing within tree directions of the textile industry:

» Manufacture of woven jacquard fabrics for mattresses and upholstery for furniture industry;
» Manufacture of knitted and woven passementerie (elastic tapes, braids, bands, cords, jacquard brands and stamps, laces and shoe mesh);
» Manufacture of braided polyamide surgical suture.

Within the three of our manufactures we have a wide range of products that we develop, make samples and offer to our customers. A specialist designer develops models by customer’s design and project for placing signs and other specific symbols on textile fabrics.
We distribute most of our production within the Bulgarian market nationwide and our production is used in furniture industry and textile industry.


Weaving workshop

We produce jacquard fabrics for mattress and furniture upholstery in a wide range of colors; they are combined in 14 groups in accordance with fabrics structure.
Main fabrics groups are:

» Jacquard furniture textile – the width of fabrics is 220 cm. Wide variety of patterns and colors. The materials used are polyester silk, cotton and PAN;
» Jacquard mattress textile – the width of fabrics is 215 cm and 230 cm. Colors are mainly bright; the materials used are polypropylene and cotton.


Design and production of knitted and woven passementerie (narrow fabrics):

» selvedge tapes for mattresses – in a variety of patterns, colors, structure and size;
» elastic bands – knitted and woven in different widths and colors;
» braids, laces, cords in large variety of colors;
» laces;
» shoe mesh.

The maximum width of the woven tapes is 42 cm, and the maximum width of the knitted tapes is 60 mm.

For the production of fabrics are used polyester silk, cotton yarn, polypropylene, polyamide, elastic threads, metal elastic threads and others.

Braided surgical suture

We produce braided surgical suture (catguts) used in medicine with different diameter (3/0 – 8), as well as braided surgical suture with width up to 6 mm.
For their production we use polyester and polyamide silk and cotton yarn.



Mattress textile

Furniture textile