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Manufacture facility:

Weaving production workshop

Passemanterie workshop

Knitted threads workshop



Some words about us


TONZOS 95 , Plc. Yambol is assignee to Tonzos Ltd. and exists as an enterprise with its present business activity since 1971. In 1995 it was registered by the Trade law as a Public Limited Company and it is registered in the Commercial Register of Yambol District Court as an independent legal entity with 100% private participation within the meaning of Bulgarian legislation.

Tonzos 95 Plc. Yambol develops its activities in three directions

» design, production and sale of jacquard fabrics  for furniture production;
» passemanterie;
» braided surgical suture.

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Production capacity

Weaving  workshop

The workshop is equipped with jacquard weaving machines from companies Dornier and Grosse, Germany.
We produce fabrics for mattresses and upholstery for furniture industry. Weaving room is supplied with the necessary materials from the preparatory and dye sections.
Preparation of materials for weaving, which includes: winding, twisting, dyeing, warping is performed in our production sections - Preparatory and dye. For this purpose we have our own steam generator and compressor room.
Production capacity of the weaving workshop is 15.000 meters per month.
The company has its own water treatment plant, which treats wastewater from Dye workshop.

Passemanterie Workshop

In this workshop we produce different passementerie, as bands, braids, corporate brands and stamps, bands with inscriptions - knitted, woven, mesh for footwear industry etc. Braids production machines provide a wide range of passementerie and they include:

» Knitting machines Raschelina;
» Passementarie weaving looms: NF, MCE 100 with microprocessor control, Müller loom machines and hekelmachines;
» Machines for performing finishing operations.

Technological equipment in the workshop is provided by the Swiss company Müller and the German companies Ackerman and Widmann.

Braided surgical suture Workshop

In this workshop we produce braided surgical suture (catguts) for human and veterinary medicine; braided cords.
Technological equipment in the workshop includes knitting flecht mashines by the German companies Krentsler and Jacobo.
The production capacity of the workshop depends on the working shifts process and can reach up to 1.5 million meters per month.



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